Telling a true story, the documentary takes you in the intimacy of a life, era, a place, culture, with in instructive aim through a video.

– APURIMAC | Call of the river –

DIRECTOR: Hugo Clouzeau
CAMERA: Boris Doye | Mathieu Coldebella | Hugo Clouzeau | STEFUN PION
WHERE: Apurimac | Pérou
PRODUCER: MC4 | WeAreHungry

From the furthest sources of the Amazon to the calm waters of the peruvian jungle, 6 french kayakers take on the Rio Apurimac. A 17 day descente in full autonomy.
Guided by the passion they have for rivers and desire for adventure, 6 friends will go head on the depth of the Andes Cordillera. A path fill with troubled waters from the sacred river of the Incas. This expedition question the possibility to live with less, together, in an environment still untouched by humans.
From the peruvian mountains to the edges of the amazonian forest, this movie counts the long and diffifuclt journey through the Andes, where only kayakers can go.



DIRECTOR: Boris Doye
EDITOR | COLOR GRADING : Mathieu Coldebella
VFX: Hugo Clouzeau
SFX: Mathieu Coldebella
WHERE: Cap Horn | Chili
PRODUCER: Boris Doye Films | WeAreHungry

Come with us as we embark on a journey with our kayaks, packed with over 80Kg of gear. Follow us as we paddle for hours on end surrounded by the wildest coast, pingouins, whales, dolphins, sea lions.
You’ll be right there while the team make their choices in the midst of a storm, the difficulties they’ll encounter, the sleepings areas they’ll have to choose, to setting up the tents in horrendous winds.
Come for a paddle through the isle of Earth of Fire. Come while we break down while having head wind, water all over us and only one wish: see our families again and warmth. Come and have your hair rise right when we see the isle of Cap Horn on the horizon and the joy bursting out of us when we cross it.

– INSIDE THE INDUS | A Pakistani Odyssey –

DIRECTOR | CAMERA | EDITOR : Ciarán Heurteau
WHERE: Indus River | Gilgit-Baltistan | Pakistan

In November 2016, fresh from winning the extreme kayaking world title, Spaniard Aniol Serrasolses, New Zealander Mike Dawson and Irish filmmaker Ciarán Heurteau headed to Pakistan to attempt a descent of the fabled Rondu Gorge, on the indus river. Hidden behind a wall of political & security factors meant it had been 8 years since the last expedition, lead by American Ben Stooksberry, ventured into the gorge. Since then Pakistan’s perceived reputation off the water had stopped any planned trips into the North Pakistan state of Gilgit Baltistan in their tracks.

Follow Aniol, Mike and Ciarán as they make their way down the Indus river.


DIRECTOR: Hugo Clouzeau
CAMERA: Boris Doye | Hugo Clouzeau
EDITOR: Hugo Clouzeau
WHERE: Ubaye | Hautes-Alpes | France
After a 15 day expedition on the rio Apurimac, the feeling of having made a connexion with the river gives us the certainty that the river bed is where we are supposed to be. The need to renew the experience, to share a moment on the river is commun
to everyone in the group.
But the feeling to have to go to the other side of the world in order to be closer to thos elements is somewhat paradoxical. The planes, jet-lag, logistics… Isn’t there a more simple, closer and direct approach? We decided to go and meet the Ubaye river, in its full length.
We’ll carry our kayaks to its source, to fallow her at all costs, until the Mediteranean sea through the Durance and the Rhône.

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